Did You Know Family Members


Family ancestor’s information includes presidential, royalty and world notable business family members. 

United States Declaration of Independence

John Hancock 


was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence 

Thomas Jefferson 


Principal author of the Declaration of Independence family link Colby Randall Jackson 


U.S. Presidents

               George Washington          

                  1st U.S. President

John Adams

2nd U.S. President & Signer of the Declaration of Independence                

Thomas Jefferson

3rd U.S. President 

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

James Madison

4th U.S. President

John Quincy Adams

6th U.S. President

William Henry Harrison

9th U.S. President

Zachary Taylor

12th U.S. President

Millard Fillmore

13th U.S. President

Franklin Pierce

14th U.S. President

Abraham Lincoln

16th U.S. President

Ulysses S. Grant

18th U.S. President

Rutherford B. Hayes

19th U.S. President

James Garfield

20th U.S. President

Chester Arthur

21st U.S. President

               Grover Cleveland            22nd and 24th U.S. President

              Benjamin Harrison

23rd U.S. President

Theodore Roosevelt

26th U.S. President

William Howard Taft

27th U.S. President

Warren G. Harding

29th U.S. President

Calvin Coolidge

30th U.S. President

Herbert Hoover

31st U.S. President

Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd U.S. President

Richard Nixon

37th U.S. President

Gerald Ford

38th U.S. President

Jimmy Carter

39th U.S. President

George H. W. Bush

41st U.S. President

George W. Bush

43rd U.S. President

Barack Obama

44th U.S. President

U.S. Vice Presidents

George Clinton

4th U.S. Vice President

Charles Dawes

30th U.S. Vice-President

Charles Curtis

31st U.S. Vice-President

Dan Quayle

44th U.S. Vice-President

Dick Cheney

46th U.S. Vice-President


Adlai Stevenson II     

31st Governor of Illinois

Bill Weld

68th Governor of Massachusetts

Bob Taft

67th Governor of Ohio

Cadwallader Washburn

Co-founder of General Mills and 11th Governor of Wisconsin

Charles Carnan Ridgely

15th Governor of Maryland

Christian Herter

59th Governor of Massachusetts

DeWitt Clinton

6th Governor of New York

Edward Lloyd V

13th Governor of Maryland

Endicott Peabody

62nd Governor of Massachusetts

Eugene Foss

45th Governor of Massachusetts

Fitzhugh Lee

40th Governor of Virginia

George Romney

43rd Governor of Michigan

Harry F. Byrd

50th Governor of Virginia

Henry Crapo

14th Governor of Michigan

Henry Lee III

9th Governor of Virginia

Henry Lloyd

40th Governor of Maryland

Howard Dean

79th Governor of Vermont

Ichabod Goodwin

27th Governor of New Hampshire

Israel Washburn

29th Governor of Maine

Jacob Dolson Cox

28th Governor of Ohio

James Youngs Smith

29th Governor of Rhode Island

Jeb Bush

43rd Governor of Florida

Jonathan Trumbull

20th Governor of Connecticut

Leverett Saltonstall

55th Governor of Massachusetts

Levi Lincoln

13th Governor of Massachusetts

Mike Huckabee

44th Governor of Arkansas

Mitt Romney

70th Governor of Massachusetts

Owen Brewster

54th Governor of Maine

Patrick Henry

1st and 6th Governor of Virginia

Return J. Meigs, Jr.

4th Governor of Ohio

Samuel Ward King

15th Governor of Rhode Island

Sarah Palin

9th Governor of Alaska

Silas Woodson

21st Governor of Missouri

Thomas Sim Lee

2nd and 7th Governor of Maryland

William Greene

2nd Governor of Rhode Island

William Sprague

27th Governor of Rhode Island

Foreign Leaders

Pierre Trudeau

15th Prime Minister of Canada

Sir Charles Tupper

6th Prime Minister of Canada

Sir Robert Laird Borden

8th Prime Minister of Canada

Sir Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


Alan Shepard

Mercury and Apollo Astronaut

Buzz Aldrin

Apollo 11 Astronaut

Story Musgrave

NASA Astronaut


Admiral George Dewey

Admiral of the Navy

Admiral Robert Blake

Father of the Royal Navy

Alan Turing

WWII Codebreaker of Nazi Enigma Machine

Allen Dulles

5th Director of the C.I.A.

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

Principal character of film Glory portrayed by Matthew Broderick

Ethan Allen

Revolutionary War Hero

General Douglas MacArthur

U.S. Army - World War II

General George B. McClellan

Union Army - U.S. Civil War

General George S. Patton

U.S. Army - World War II

General James Longstreet

Confederate Army - U.S. Civil War

General Joseph Warren

Killed at Battle of Bunker Hill

General Robert E. Lee

Confederate Army - U.S. Civil War

General William Tecumseh Sherman

Union Army - U.S. Civil War

Lt. Gen. James Brudenell

Leader of the “Charge of the Light Brigade”

Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene

American Revolution

Rear Admiral William Folger

United States Navy


Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

Aaron Adams 


Captain Command in Colonel Thomas Stickney’s New Hampshire Militia

Benjamin Pool 


Private Continental Troops

David Elijah Lindsay 


 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th

Regiments Virginia Continental T Troops

Ebenezer Robbins 


Sergeant Continental Troops

Ebenezer Bancroft 


father Captain

Ebenezer Bancroft 


son Captain Fought at Bunker Hill

Timothy Bancroft 


son Lieutenant

Frances Blood 



Ichabod Ide 


Private Continental Troops Vermont

Jabez Alexander 


Private New Hampshire Militia

James Casey 



Continental Troops-Artillery in the Battalion

James Smith 


Private Continental Troops

John Knowles 


Private Massachusetts

Johnathan Foster 


Private in Captain John Walton Company Massachusetts

Joseph Steward Jr. 



Mathew Cushing 


Private Vermont

Private in Capt. James Clay’s Company, Colonel Bradley’s Regiment Vermont Line

Paul Langdon 


Capitan Connecticut

Samuel Titus 


Capitan Continental Troops

Thomas Alexander 


Captain Porter’s Regiment Massachusetts

Thomas Hunt 



Tilley Howe 


Ashley’s Regiment New Hampshire Enlisted 7-11-1777

War of 1812 


Johnathan McCarty 


Private Green’s Regiment Mounted Infantry Virginia

John Puffenberger 


Private-Capt. M. Engle’s

Enlisted 2-6-1813 Discharged 


Patrick Riley 


in Capt. William Russel’s Company

Tennessee Militia

Samuel Trumbull 



Enlisted 9-24-1814 Discharged 12-15-1814

Civil War 


Abraham Jackson Parrish 


Private Union 57th

Regular Indiana Infantry

Andrew Gamble 


Private Company “A” 157 Ohio Infantry Enlisted 5-15-1864 Discharged 9-2-1864

Archibald Shaw 


Private Ohio

Charles J. McKay 


Private Union Company “I” 147th

Regiment Indiana Infantry

Ephraim Keyes 


Lieutenant 16th

Regiment New Hampshire

Fredrick R. Glassford 


Company “E” 78 Ohio Infantry

George Washington Lambert (1831-1911) 

Private Virginia

Enlisted 7-11-1863 CompanyA26th Cavalry Regiment Promoter to Full Teamster

Henry Hudson Prentice 


Private Union 3rd

Calvary Company “F” Massachusetts

Entered Oct. 27, 1862 Mustered Out June 13, 1865 POW Yes Wounded Yes Survived the War 

James Ousley 



Milton B Mitt Petree 


Private Union1 st

Regiment Tennessee Infantry Entered 7-18-1863

Thomas Gamble 


Union Enlisted 5-2-1864 Ohio 157th Infantry

Thomas Steinard 


Private Union Army 15th

Infantry Buried at Jefferson Barracks

National Cemetery (died of Typhoid Fever)

Washington Riley 


Private Union Douglas County Home Guards 1861 73rd Regiment E.M.M. 1862 46th

Regiment Missouri Militia Infantry

William Gamble 


Corporal Union Company “D” Ohio 157 th Infantry Enlisted 5-15-1864 mustered out 9-2-1864

William Wesley Greer 


Union Company “D” Ohio 49th Infantry Enlisted 1861 Muster out 9-5-1864

William Keys 


Captain Union 1st Regiment Connecticut

William Sims 


Major Union Company “G” Ohio 32nd Ohio Infantry Company “A” Ohio 9th Calvary Enlisted 10-3-1862 Mustered 6-21-1864

Thomas Frank Veysey 


Colored Troops 



Dallas “Dal” Wilson 


Union 6th

Calvary U.S.C.T Camp Nelson KY Enlisted 9-23-1864

Robert H. Isabelle 


Union Capt. 7 th

Robert Marshall's Grandfather Regiment Louisiana Infantry Company “A”2 nd. Lt. 74th

Regiment Louisiana Infantry Company “H”

James Isabell 

Company "H" Regiment Louisiana Infantry Heavy Artillery 


James Marshall's Uncle


James Ousley 

(1838- 1919) 

Private  7th regiment Tenn. Mounted Infantry



Arthur Justice 


PFC Army Entered 10-6-1917

Emmitt Newton Bland 


Private Army

Entered 3-22-1918 Released 

7-8-1919 U.S. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Paralysis of lower extremities



Adolphus Ritchie 


Private Army

Enter 7-9-1942 Released 4-18-1945 Warrant Officers

Arthur Earnest Robarg


Navy U.S. ship “Pinkney”

James Heskiah Anderson 


Private Army

Enter 2-16-1944 Released 10-3-1944

James Ralph Solomon 



Joseph L. Brooks 



Enter 1-18-1943 Released 11-28-1945

Leonard Anthony Pelsinski (1927-1988) 


Enter 5-3-1945 Released 8-18-1945

Luther Brooks 



Enter 4-3-1943 Released 12-28-1945

Ralph Joseph Solomon 


Private Army

Enter 8-27-1942 Released 4-7-1943

Sidney Max Robarge 



Enter 11-13-1945 Released 12-23-1946

Sinnie Bates 


Private Army Indiana

Walter Williams 


6 years Army Enter 10-15-1943 Released 4-22-1949

6 years Army Enter 4-25-1949 Released 6-16-1952

16 years Army Enter 6-28-1952 Released 2-2-196



Guinness World Records

Layne Hall 

Marshall's Grandfather The Oldest Know Driver Age 110 years old 1880-1990


Charles Goodyear

Inventor and namesake of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Earl Tupper

Inventor and Founder of Tupperware

Eli Whitney

Inventor of the Cotton Gin

Elias Howe

Inventor, Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Gail Borden III

Inventor of Condensed Milk

George Gallup

Inventor of the Gallup Poll

Howard Hughes

American Business Tycoon

John Batterson Stetson

Inventor of the Cowboy Hat

John Fitch

Inventor of 1st U.S. Steamboat

Joseph Glidden

Inventor of Barbed Wire

Melvil Dewey

Inventor of the Dewey Decimal System

Robert H. Goddard

Inventor of First Liquid-propelled Rocket

Samuel Colt

Inventor of the Colt Revolver

Thomas Edison

Inventor electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures

Timothy Leatherman

Founder of Leatherman Tools

Willis Carrier

Inventor of Air Conditioning

TV & Film

Alan Ladd

Movie Actor

Anderson Cooper

Television Journalist

Andrew Shue

TV Actor

Anna Gunn

TV and Movie Actress

Anne Baxter

Movie Actress

Ben Affleck

Movie Actor

Benedict Cumberbatch

Movie, Television and Stage Actor

Bing Crosby

Singer and Movie Actor

Brad Pitt

Movie Actor

Bridget Fonda

Movie Actress

Brooke Shields

Movie Actress and Model

Burgess Meredith

TV and Movie Actor

Burl Ives

Singer and Actor

Burt Reynolds

Movie Actor

Cara Delevingne

Fashion Model and Movie Actress

Chevy Chase

Comedian, Actor and Writer

Chris Pratt

TV and Movie Actor

Christopher Lloyd

Movie Actor

Christopher Reeve

Movie Actor

Clint Eastwood

TV & Film Actor and Director

David Carradine

TV and Movie Actor

David Hyde Pierce

Stage, TV, and Movie Actor

Dick Clark

Radio and TV Host

Dick Van Dyke

TV Actor - “The Dick Van Dyke Show”

Don Winslow

Author and Screenwriter

Donnie Wahlberg

Singer and Movie Actor

Edward Norton

Movie Actor

Elisabeth Shue

TV and Movie Actress

Elizabeth Montgomery

TV Actress - “Bewitched”

Elizabeth Smart

Founder of Elizabeth Smart Foundation

Elizabeth Taylor

Movie Actress

Ellen DeGeneres

Comedienne and TV Personality

Erle Stanley Gardner

Author of the Perry Mason series

Felicity Huffman

TV & Movie Actress

Gene Roddenberry

Creator of Star Trek

General Tom Thumb

Dwarf Circus Performer

Glenn Close

Movie, Television, and Stage Actress

Guy Ritchie

British Filmmaker

Henry Fonda

Movie Actor

Hugh Grant

Movie Actor

Humphrey Bogart

Movie Actor

Illeana Douglas

TV and Movie Actress

J. K. Simmons

TV and Movie Actor

Jake Gyllenhaal

Movie Actor

James Brolin

TV and Movie Actor

James Dean

Movie Actor

James Spader

TV and Movie Actor

Jane Fonda

Movie Actress

Jim Carrey

TV & Movie Actor

Joan Fontaine

Movie Actress

Jodie Foster

Movie Actress

John Cena

Movie Actor and WWE Pro Wrestle

John Lithgow

Stage, TV, and Movie Actor

John Ritter

TV and Movie Actor

John Wayne

Movie Actor

Johnny Carson

TV Host - “The Tonight Show”

Josh Brolin

TV and Movie Actor

Kardashian Klan 

TV Personalities

Katharine Hepburn

Movie Actress

Kelsey Grammer

TV and Movie Actor

Kit Harington

TV Actor - “Game of Thrones”

Kyra Sedgwick

TV and Movie Actress

Lavinia Warren

Dwarf Circus Performer

Lee Remick

Movie Actress

Linda Hamilton

TV and Movie Actress

Linda Hunt

TV and Movie Actress

Liv Tyler

TV and Movie Actress

Lucille Ball

TV Actress - “I Love Lucy”

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Movie Actress

Marilyn Monroe

Actress, Model, and Singer

Mark Wahlberg

Movie Actor

Marlon Brando

Movie Actor

Melvyn Douglas

Movie Actor

Mickey Rourke

Movie Actor

Oliver Platt

Movie Actor

Olivia De Havilland

Movie Actress

Orson Welles

Radio, Stage, and Movie Actor

Paget Brewster

TV Actress

Paris Hilton

Socialite and TV Personality

Peter Fonda

TV and Movie Actor

Randolph Scott

Movie Actor

Raquel Welch

Movie Actress

Richard Gere

Movie Actor

Richard Hatch

TV and Movie Actor

Roy Rogers

Cowboy movie actor and singer

Ryan Gosling

Movie Star

Scott Foley

TV, Stage and Movie Actor

Seth MacFarlane

Actor, Animator, Writer and Producer

Sigourney Weaver

Movie Actress

Slim Pickens

TV and Movie Actor

Spencer Tracy

Movie Actor

Ted Danson

TV Actor - “Cheers”, “CSI”

Tilda Swinton

Movie Actress

Treat Williams

TV & Movie Actor

Tuesday Weld

TV and Movie Actress

Vincent Price

Movie Actor

William H. Macy

TV and Movie Actor


Berry Gordy

Founder of Motown Records

Brian Wilson

Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Carl Wilson

Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Dennis Wilson

Co-Founder of The Beach Boys

Celine Dion

Singer and Songwriter

Grace Slick

Singer, Songwriter - Jefferson Airplane

Harry Chapin

Singer and Songwriter

James Taylor


Janice Joplin

Singer & Songwriter

Johnny Mercer

Songwriter and Co-Founder of Capitol Records

Justin Bieber

Singer and Songwriter


Singer and Songwriter

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Singer and Songwriter

Mike Love

Co-Founder of the Beach Boys

Taylor Swift

Singer and Songwriter


Anthony West

Novelist and writer for the New Yorker

Clement Clarke Moore

Author of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

E. M. Forster

English Novelist

Ernest Hemingway

Author of The Sun Also Rises

General George C. Marshall

Author of “The Marshall Plan”

Harper Lee

Author of To Kill a Mockingbird

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Harriet Martineau

Author of The Hour and the Man

Helen Keller

Author and Activist

Hetty Green

“The Witch of Wall Street”

Jack London

Author of “The Call of the Wild”

James Russell Lowell

American “Fireside” Poet

John Greenleaf Whittier

American “Fireside” Poet

John Steinbeck

Author of The Grapes of Wrath

Jonathan Swift

Author of Gulliver's Travels

Julia (Ward) Howe

Author of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”

Julia Child

American Chef, Author and TV Personality

L. Frank Baum

Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Laura Ingalls-Wilder

Author of Little House on the Prairie

Lewis Carroll

Author of Alice in Wonderland

Louis Auchincloss


Louis L'Amour

Western Author

Louisa May Alcott

Author of Little Women

Nathaniel Philbrick

Author of In the Heart of the Sea

Ralph Waldo Emerson

American Poet

Ray Bradbury

Author of The Martian Chronicles

Robert Frost

Poet and Playwright

Sam Walter Foss

American Poet

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Author, “Sherlock Holmes”

Stephen King

Author of The Stand

Tennessee Williams

Author of A Streetcar Named Desire

Thomas Pynchon

American Novelist

Truman Capote

Author of In Cold Blood

Upton Sinclair

Pulitzer Prize Winning Novelist

Vachel Lindsay

American Poet

Walt Whitman

American Poet

In the Military but not deployed to any wars

Joseph Weld 


Lieutenant Massachusetts Colony

Joseph Weld 


Captain Massachusetts Colony

Eleazer Tyng 


Colonel Massachusetts Colony

Edward Tyng 


Lt. Colonel

William Watkins 



Moses Read 


Captain King Philip's War, sometimes called the First Indian War

Christopher Osgood IV 

Captain King Philip's War, sometimes called the First Indian War

William Marston 



Arthur Armour  

Korean Marshall's Brother

Jack Hall 

Vietnam Marshall's Brother

Mayflower Descendants 

 Mayflower Descendants’ that Marshall T. Hall is related to:
   Original Family Member:   James Chilton
Descendant John Gray 

 Original Family Member: 

William Brewster
Descendant Chillingsworth Foster 

His Wife Mercy Freeman 


child of 

John Freeman
Original Family Member: 

Richard Knowles
Descendant John Knowles 



 Family Members that were Quakers

 Phoebe (De Moss) Pearson 


William Person 


Family Members that were Mennonite

 Abraham Beidler 


Abraham Beidler 


Jacob Beidler 


Jacob Beidler 


Susanna Beidler 


Ulrich Hockman


Ulrich Beidler 


(Wars Continued)

Korean War


Ell Eugene Mitchell 


John S. Wagner

Corporal Army 


PFC Army

Nygean Johnson 



Enter 12-2-1952 Released 12-1-1956

Richard Duncan 


Air Force

Enter 1-16-1951 Released 10-29-1954

Willis Brooks 



Enter 2-19-1951 Released 10-29-1956

Vietnam War 


Timothy Hall 

First Cousin

Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)

No family members

Afghan War

No family members

Iraq War 


               John Buchanan Jr                                  Great Nephew


Founders of Companies

Abigail Folger

Charles Manson Murder Victim and Folger Coffee Heiress

Albert G. Spalding

Co-Founder of Spalding Sporting Goods Co.

Alfred Fuller

Founder of the Fuller Brush Co.

Andrew Burton

Founder of Life and Casualty Insurance Company (now part of AIG)

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft

C. W. Post

Founder of Post Cereals

Cadwallader Washburn

Co-founder of General Mills and 11th Governor of Wisconsin

Charles A. Pillsbury

Co-Founder of C.A. Pillsbury Co

Charles Edward Merrill

Co-Founder of Merrill Lynch & Company

Charles Fleischmann

Founder of Fleischmann Yeast Co

Charles Lewis Tiffany

Co-Founder of Tiffany & Co.

Charlie Munger

Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Clara Barton

Founder of the American Red Cross

Dr. John Morgan

Co-Founder, 1st American Medical School

Eliphalet Remington

Founder of Remington Arms Company

Elisha Otis

Founder of the Otis Elevator Company

Ezra Cornell

Co-Founder of Cornell University,

Founder of Western Union

Francis Edward Hinckley

Co-Founder of the University of Chicago

Frank W. Woolworth

Founder of F.W. Woolworth Company

Frederick Upton

Co-Founder of Whirlpool Corporation

George Eastman

Founder of Eastman Kodak Company

Gloria Vanderbilt

American Artist, Author, Actress, Fashion Designer, Heiress and Socialite

Henry Clay Folger

Founder of Folger Shakespeare Library and Chairman of Standard Oil

Henry Sturgis Morgan

Co-Founder of Morgan Stanley

Henry Wells

Co-Founder of American Express and Wells Fargo and Co

J. A. Folger

Founder of Folger Coffee Company

J. B. Lippincott

Founder of J.B. Lippincott & Co.

J.P. Morgan

American Banker and Art Collector

J.P. Morgan, Jr.

American Banker and Philanthropist

John Carroll

Founder of Georgetown University

John D. Rockefeller

Founder of the Standard Oil Company

John Sargent Pillsbury

Co-Founder of C.A. Pillsbury Co.

Joseph Smith

Founder of the Mormon Church

Joseph Wharton

Founder of the Wharton School of Business

Joy Morton

Founder of Morton Salt Company

Lee B. Loomis

Founder of Loomis Armored Car Service

Lewis Henry Lapham

Co-Founder of Texaco

Liz Claiborne

Founder of Liz Claiborne Inc.

Lytton Strachey

Author and Co-Founder of Bloomsbury Group

Marjorie Post

Founder of General Foods

Marshall Field

Founder of Marshall Field & Co

Oliver Winchester

Founder of Winchester Repeating Arms Co

Philip Danforth Armour

Founder of Armour & Company

Potter Palmer

Co-Founder of Marshall Fields

Rev. James Pierpont

Founder of Yale University

Richard Warren Sears

Co-Founder of Sears, Roebuck, & Co.

Roger Nash Baldwin

Co-Founder of the ACLU

Rowland H. Macy

Founder of Macy's

Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

President and CEO of I.B.M.

W. K. Kellogg

Founder of the Kellogg Company

Walt Disney

Co-Founder of the Walt Disney Company

Warren Buffett

Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

William Durant

Co-Founder of General Motors and Founder of Frigidaire

Francis Harrington Glidden
Co-Founder of Glidden Company

Henry Luce
Co-Founder of Time, Life, Fortune and Sports Illustrated magazines 


Admiral Richard Byrd

Polar Explorer

Amelia Earhart

Aviation Pioneer

Archer Alexander

Heroic Slave

Barbara Hutton

Socialite (aka “Poor Little Rich Girl”)

Benedict Arnold

Traitor of the American Revolution

Brigham Young

2nd President of the Mormon Church

Caesar Rodney

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Carly Fiorina

CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Charles Darwin

Theory of Evolution

Clarence Darrow

Lawyer, Scopes Monkey Trial

Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt

Railroad Magnate


Seneca War Chief

Dr. Benjamin Spock

American Pediatrician and Author on Child Care

Dr. H. H. Holmes

Serial Killer aka “Devil in the White City”

Dr. Hawley H. Crippen

Murderer in Erik Larson's “Thunderstruck”

Edward Snowden

Ex-CIA / NSA Whistleblower

Edwin Hubble


Fletcher Christian

Leader of the mutiny on the Bounty

Francis Scott Key

Author of “The Star Spangled Banner”

Frank Lloyd Wright

American Architect

Henry Huttleston Rogers

Oil Tycoon

Homer G. Balcom

Designer of the Empire State Building

Horace Gray

U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Howard Hughes

American Business Tycoon

Jay Gould

American Railroad “Robber Baron”

Frank James & Jesse James

Outlaw, Bank Robber, Murder

John Hinckley, Jr.

Shot President Ronald Reagan

Lee Harvey Oswald

Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy

Lizzie Borden

Accused Murderess

Louis Comfort Tiffany

American Stained Glass Artist

Mary (Perkins) Bradbury

Convicted of Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Mary (Towne) Eastey

Executed for Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Nathan Hale

America's First Spy

Norman Rockwell

American Artist

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Orville & Wilbur Wright

Wright Brothers - Aviation Pioneer

Rachel (Varney) (Cook) (Langton) Vinson

Accused of Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Rebecca (Towne) Nurse

Executed for Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Rev. George Burroughs

Executed for Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Richard More

Mayflower Passenger

Robert Catesby

Leader of Gunpowder Plot

Robert Townsend

Member of the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution

Samuel Prescott

Completed Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

Sandra Day O'Connor

First Female U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Sarah (Towne) Cloyce

Accused of Witchcraft, Salem 1692

Shanghai Pierce

Texas Cattleman

Stephen Austin

Father of Texas

Susan B. Anthony

Women's Rights Advocate

Sydney Biddle Barrows

Mayflower Madam

Thomas Hunt Morgan

Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine

Wash Loomis

Leader of the Loomis Gang

Wild Bill Hickok

Gunfighter and Lawman


Ty Cobb

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers

Bobby Riggs

Pro-Tennis Champion

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Dave Cowens

NBA Hall of Famer

Drew Brees

NFL Quarterback

Joe Buck


Joe Lintzenich

NFL Player (Chicago Bears)

John Adams Morgan

1952 Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist

Kevin Love

NBA All-Star Player

Steve Young

Football Hall of Fame Quarterback

Tom Landry

NFL Hall of Famer Coach

Royalty Family Continued

Sir Alexander de Douglas 


Sir Anthony William Hickman (1525-1573)

Sir Baron Roger I North, of Walkeringham 

(1390 -1478)

Sir Baron Roger II North, of Walkeringham, Mercer 

(1460 - 1509)

Sir Brabey 


Sir Charles Plantagenet DeBeaufort Somerset 

(1517 - )

Sir Chickle 


Sir Edward Somerset/ 4th Earl of Worchester 

(1550 - 1628)

Sir Edward North, 1st Baron of North Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire Clerk of the Parliaments 


Sir Edward Ware Hertfordshire Heath


Sir George de Douglas 


Sir George Fitch 


Sir Giles Hussey 


Sir Henry 1st Baronet of Blickling Hall and Chief Justice of Common Pleas Henry Hobart (1560 - 1625)

Sir Henry Robert Graham 


Sir James Bolton 

(1492 - 1549)

Sir James Hobart 


Sir John Anstell 


Sir John Blennerhassett Esquire 

(1423 - 1510)

Sir John Bon


Sir John Browne 2nd 


Sir John Darcy 


Sir John Harrington 


Sir John of Cheshire Dutton (1538-1608)

Sir John of Richmond

Yorkshire Wycliffe 


Sir Robert de Ros 

Magna Carta Surety (-1227)

Sir Knight Christopher Ward (1450-1521)

Sir Knight Edmund de Beddingfield


Sir Knight George I Bowes 


Sir Knight Henry Rishton (Rushton) 

(1425 - 1490)

Sir Knight John Anstell 


Sir Knight John Conyers 

Knight of the Garter 


Sir Knight John de Radclyffe (Slain at the Battle of Bosworth) (1429 -1485)

Sir Knight John Lord of Kelvedon Manor Wright 


Sir Knight Miles Hobart 

(1479 - 1557)

Sir Knight Roger Warde (1430-1472)

Sir Knight Thomas 

Last Lord of Denham Castle De Bedingfield 


Sir Knight William Gascoigne (1366-1422)

Sir Lord Thomas III Tunstall 


Sir Michael 

Sherrif Locke 

(1510 - 1580)

Sir Phillip 

Sheriff & Mayor of Vintry Ward Cooke 


Sir Ralph Bowes 

(van Streatlam) High Sheriff Durham 


Sir Ralph Cundall Neville 


Sir Richard Brooke 


Sir Richard Chetwood


Sir Richard Conyers 


Sir Richard Strangewayes 


Sir Richard Thomas 


Sir Richard Tunstall 


Sir Robert (Sheriff) Needham (1476-1556)

Sir Robert de Douglas 

of Glenbervie 


Sir Robert de Graham 

of Morphie (1506-1547)

Sir Robert Needham 

of Shavington 


Sir Robert Needham 

Viscount Kilmorey Ireland 


Sir Robert Ros 


Sir Robert Tyrone 

(Sheriff of Shropshire) Needham


Sir Roger I North

Baron North of Walkeringham 


Sir Roger Paul Wilkinson

(1455 -1526)

Sir Saier de Quincy

 1st Earl of Winchester, Magna Carta Surety (1150-1219)

Sir Thomas 

(Earl of Kilmorey Ireland) Dutton 


Sir Thomas Carter 


Sir Thomas Cooke 


Sir Thomas Erskine 


Sir Thomas Fitch 


Sir Thomas Hussey 


Sir Thomas I Tunstall 


Sir Thomas Needham of Shavington 


Sir Thomas North 

(1535 -1601)

Sir Thomas Ros 


Sir Thomas Somerset 

(1578 - 1650)

Sir Thomas Tunstall 

of Thurland 


Sir Walter Hobart 

(1477 -1538)

Sir William Archibald de Douglas II

10th Earl of Angus 


Sir William Bowes II 

Sheriff of Northumberland 


Sir William Carter, I 


Sir William Harrington 


Sir William Hickman 


Sir William Locke

 Sheriff of London Knight 


Sir William Pead Paddy 

(1585 - 1610)

Sir William VI de Ros 

7th Baron of Ros, Knight of the Garter, 5th Baron of Fitz Alan, Lord Treasurer of England knight of Ingmanthorpe 


Sir William Wilcockes 


Sir William Wilkinson

High Sheriff of London 

(1496 -1592)

Direct Descendant of Queen Elizabeth II 

She was born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21, 1926, in London, to Prince Albert, Duke of York (later known as King George VI), and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Became queen on February 6, 1952, and was crowned on June 2, 1953. 

Charles III Philip Arthur George is King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms


King Harold II Godwinson was the last Anglo Saxon King of England 


Harold was king from January 6 1066 until his death at the Battle of Hastings October 14th 1066, fighting the Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror.

King Charlemagne Charles I, 

of the Franks 


King Alfred the Great 

of Wessex 


King Robert I

of France 


1st King William the Conqueror (1028-1087)  

3rd King Henry I Beauclerc 


1st King Henry II of Plantagenet 


4th King John I 


5th King Henry III 

of Winchester" Plantagenet, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Aquitaine, Prince of England, King of England 


6th King Edward I 

of England Plantagenet


7th King Edward II 



8th King Edward III 



King Alexander II, 

King of Scotland 


King of Spain Ferdinand Fernando III 

the Saint Alfonso de Castile de Burgundy-Spain King of Castile Toledo Leon Galicia & Austurie Saint of th de Castile-Leon 


King Leka I 

of the Albanians 


King Louis VI 

of France 


Prince Henry 

Prince of England


Prince William 

Duke of Cambridge 


Prince Harry 

Duke of Sussex 


Princess Anne Boleyn 


2nd Wife of King Henry VIII

Princess Beatrice 

of England 


Princess Beatrice Plantagenet (1242-1275)

Princess Diana of Wales 


Queen Eleanor 

Married of King Edward I Consort Castile from Spain 


Queen Catherine Parr 

6th and last Wife of King Henry VIII 


Queen Eleanor 

Queen Consort Castile 


Queen Isabelle Queen 

married King Edward II Princess de France (1295-1358)

Queen Joan Lady 

Queen Consort of the Scots Beaufort (1410 -1445)

Queen Margaret of Scotts 


Queen Philippa Hainault D Avesnes/ Queen Consort to King Edward III 



Queen Consort Eléanor ""of Provence" de Berengier, Lady of Provence, Countess of Provence & Ponthieu, Baroness of Ireland,

Queen Jane Seymour 

3rd Wife of King Henry VIII 


Duchess of Aquitaine

Queen Consort of England 


Baron John Fitz Robert

Magna Carta Surety 


Baron Roger North 

(1530 - 1600)

Baroness Bridget Bowes 

of Richmond 


Baroness Catherine Somerset Petre Writtle 


Baroness Elizabeth 

3rd Baroness Herbert & Countess of Worcester HERBERT 

(1476 -1507)

Baroness Elizabeth Aske Baroness of Richmond 


Cardinal Bishop Henry Fermor Cardinal, Bishop of Winchester, de Beaufort 


Count Louis DuMas the Hugeunot Demoss I 


Count Raymond IV "The Saint" de Berengier, 

Count of Provence & Forcalquier 


Countess Alice FitzAlan Countess Kent Lady de Arundel 

(1352 -1416)

Countess Anne 

Countess of Northumberland Beaufort Somerset Lady 

(1538 -1591)

Countess Eleanor Beauchamp (1407 -1467)

Countess Eleanor Plantagenet Beaufort, 

Countess of Wiltshire 


Countess Elizabeth Countess of Worcester BROWNE 

(1501 - 1565)

Countess Janet 

"Countess of Malise" De Rochford 


Countess Joan 

Countess Wessex Beaufort 


Countess Lady Margaret  Sir Robert I Tudenham 

of Oxborough De Herling 


Countess Lucy  Chepstowe Baroness Somerset 

(1524 - 1582)

Countess Margaret Beaufort (1437-1455)

Duchess Beatrice of Brittany

Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles of Cornwall 


Duchess Catherine Middleton 

of Cambridge 


Duchess Eleanor de Ros, Duchess of Somerset, Countess Wiltshire, de Beauchamp 

(1407 -1467)

Duchess Megan Markle 

of Sussex (1981-)

Duchess Sara Ferguson 

of York (1959-)

Duke Henry 

3rd Duke of Somerset Beaufort 

(1436 -1464)

Earl John de Lacy 

2nd Magna Carta Surety 


Earl Henry de Bohun 

Magna Carta Surety 


Earl Hugh le Bigod 

of Norfolk Magna Carta Surety 


Earl Alexander Graham 

Earl van Menteith 


Earl Gilbert de Clare 

5th Earl Magna Carta Surety 


Earl Henry 

2nd Earl of Worcester Somerset 

(1495 - 549)

Earl Henry Plantagenêt De Beaufort 

5th Earl Worcestor /Somerset 

(1577 -1646)

Earl Malise 

1st Earl of Menteith Graham 


Earl Patrick Graham 2nd Earl Menteith 


Earl Richard de Clare 

Magna Carta Surety 


Earl Roger le Bigod Norfolk 


Earl Thomas 

2nd Earl of Kent De Holand 

(1350 - 1397)

Earl of Kent 

Duke of Surrey De Holand 


Earl Thomas Perche Beaufort (1405 -1432)

Earl Willem Douglas Earl van Angus 


Knight Charles

Knight of the Garter, Lord Herbert of Raglan, 1st Earl of Worcester, Lord Chamberlain of England Somerset Sir 

(1460 - 1526)

Knight William

 Knight of the Garter, 3rd Earl Worcester Somerset 

(1526 - 1589)

Lady Agnes (Dame) Mainwaring 


 married to Robert Needham


(1415 - 1465)

Lady Agnes Radclyffe 

(1436 - 1505)

Lady Agnes Woodburne 


Lady Alice Elsie Bryan Needham (1656-1729)

Lady Alice De Harcourt, Baroness North 


Lady Alice Lady 

of Portsmouth, Hampshire Squire 

(1500 - 1560)

Lady Alice Needham


Lady Alice Wi


Lady Alice, Lady Arundel, FitzAlan 


Lady Anna North 


Lady Anne Agnes 

Countess of Moray and Argyll (Keith) Douglas of Glenbervie 


Lady Anne Needham 


Lady Beatrice de Savoie 

Lady of Savoy, Countess of Maurienne & Provence 


Lady Beatrix Anne Ward 


Lady Blanche Lady Somerset (1583 -1649)

Lady Catherine (Katherine) Locke 


Lady Christian Somerset 

(1581 -1614)

Lady Christian Warcup, Baroness North 

(1459 -1515)

Lady Countess Christian

Lady Countess Worcester, North 

(1528 -1564)

Lady Countess Margaret 

Lady Countess of Yorkshire) deGascoigne 


Lady Egidia "Giles" de Douglas 

of Arbuthnott 


Lady Egidia Giles de Graham Countess of Angus 


Lady Eleanor (Elinour), Vicountess of Kilmorey Dutton 


Lady Eleanor Blaverhassett

(1507 -1557)

Lady Eleanor 

Lady of Cheshire Calveley 


Lady Eleanor Needham Byron (1627-1664)

Lady Eleanor Neville 


Lady Eleanor, Baroness D'Arcy of Knaith FitzHugh 


Lady Elizabeth Somerset 

(1687 )

Lady Elizabeth Chickle 


Lady Elizabeth Hastings / Countess of Worcester 

(1546 -1621)

Lady Elizabeth Holderness Darcy 


Lady Elizabeth Somerset 


Lady Elizabeth Somerset

(1497 -1545)

Lady Elizabeth Somerset 


Lady Emily Anstell 


Lady Frances Beaufort 


Lady Frances Aston 

(1533-1610) Married to Robert Needham (1533-1603)

Lady Frances Lucy Somerset (1423-1482)

Lady Giles Arbuthnott 


Lady Isabel DeHarington 


Lady Jane Tunstall 


Lady Jane Wilkinson 

(1520 -1577)

Lady Janet Douglas Baroness Erskine 


Lady Jean de Douglas 


Lady Joan "Jane" Beaufor


Lady Joan (Wilcock) Wilcockes (1440-1512)

Lady Joan / Johanna Jane Wyman Gascoigne 


Lady Joan North 


Lady Joanna Locke 

(1560 -1580)

Lady Katherine Bledlowe 


Lady Katherine De Neville Heiress Baroness Strickland 


Lady Malda (Maud) 

Lady of Wighill Beaufort Lady 


Lady Margaret 

"The Poet's Muse" Holland, Lady of Somerset, Lady of the Garter, 1st Countess of Somerset, Countess of Kent, 

(1371 - 1439)

Lady Margaret Arundel Roos


Lady Margaret de Douglas 


Lady Margaret Harrington 


Lady Margery Conyers 


Lady Margery Lyhart de Naughton 

(1446 -1494)

Lady Margery Radclyffe 

(1455 - 1528)

Lady Mary Elizabeth Genesis Wilkinson 

(1470 - 1555)

Lady Maude FitzHugh 


Lady Olive Wright 


Lady Rose Locke Hickman


Lady Thomasin Dutton Anderton 


Lord Archibald Douglas Van Glenbervie 


Lord Charles Needham 


Lord James

1st Lord Langley Radcliffe 

(1408 - 1477)

Lord John VI Lord Le Strange van Knockyn 


Lord Phillip

 6th Lord Darcy de Knayth Darcy 


Lord Ralph Bowes van Streatlam (1468-1512)

Lord Richard Bowes van Streatlam 


Lord Rogier I Le Strange van Knockyn 


Lord Rogier II Le Strange van Knockyn 


Lord Thomas 

9th Lord De Ros 


Lord Thomas Locke 


Lord Thomas Lord Ros Helmsley Ros 

(1427 -1464)

Lord William Fitzhugh

4th Baron Ravensworth 


Lord William d'Aubeney of Belvoir Magna Carta Surty


Marquess John Beaufort, Marquess of Dorset 

(1441 -1471)

Marquis  Dorset Edmund Plantagenet 

'Marquis of Dorset' 'Duke of Somerset' Beaufort 

(1404 -1455)

Marquis William Marquis 

of Thormond, Bryan 


Viscount Robert 

"5th Viscount of Kilmorey" Needham 


Viscount Robert Sir Needham, Viscount Kilmorey 


Viscount Sir Charles Thomas "4th Viscount of Kilmorey" Needham (1636-1660)

Viscount Thomas 

"6th Viscount of Kilmorey" Needham 


Free Masons

William R. Cross 


 Family that attended Oxford University

Henry Somerset 

Earl of Worchester (2nd) 


Gilbert Ironside 


Entered Nov 14, 1650

Lord Thomas Locke 


Ralph Ironside 


Sir Miles Hobart 


Sir Thomas Hussey 


Family that attended Cambridge University

Edward North


Gilbert Ironside 


Entered Jun 22, 1604

John Beaufort 

July 15, 1445

Nicholas Thurgood 


Peter Buckley 


Roger North 


Thomas North 


William Pulleyn 


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